Friday, June 3, 2011

Well, I made it back to Morocco safe and sound. I just want to thank everyone who I was able to see for taking the time to catch up with me! I LOVED being back home and spending time with family and friends. You really never know what you are missing until it isn't close by. I have certainly learned not to take close relationships for granted. THANK YOU ALL! Other than family and friends, some other things that I missed were yoga classes, spinach, mushrooms, vegan sweets, and soymilk. Oh, and driving. Some things that I was doing fine without were commercials, fast food, humidity, and maybe supermarkets too. Coming back almost felt like more of a relief in some respects. I have fallen dependent on the simplicity of life. I feel less pressure, less overwhelmed. The whole supermarket thing tripped me up a time or two but eventually got back in the swing of things. On the flight from Chicago to London, I sat by a very nice lady named Maryellen. She was on her way to visit her home county of England. She has been living in the states for 17 years.
Once I landed at the casa airport, I had to go to Rabat. I had never been to Rabat before so I didn’t know what to expect, or really where I was going. I called the PC office and the Office assistant was very helpful in finding me a hotel to stay at for the next few days. I also started calling all of my volunteer friends in province. I really missed them while I was away. While on the train to Rabat I called a couple of hotels. Not surprisingly, the receptionist didn’t know tashlheet so I worked with what French and Arabic I knew to make a reservation. Thankfully the hotel was really close so I didn’t have to deal with a taxi and my luggage. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the room. For 100dhs (quite a lot on a peace corps budget) I didn’t even get a shower and the sheets didn’t look very clean. But I was so tired!! It was a decent place to crash at until the next day.
Wednesday I ventured out to the PC office for the first time. I also changed hotels ☺ this new hotel has both a shower and a toilet, free wifi, AND a tv! Very nice! And only for 130 dhs! The attendant is a very nice guy as well. He is from Ghana and has a really cool name that I can barely pronounce. So now I’m just sitting and waiting for my physical on Friday. Maybe I’ll work on uploading pictures and getting to work on my grant (MORE INFO COMING VERY SOON!) I’m anxious about getting back to site. Not too much longer now.

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  1. hey, i'm really glad i got to see you while you were home. i enjoyed hearing all your stories. good luck on the rest of your service. it will go fast!