Wednesday, March 10, 2010

only two days...feels like two weeks

Hey! I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time, but just a quick update! This is so hard because so much has gone on! I hope that tomorrow, I will be able to go to a cyber cafe and have more time. So my training site is a small town by Ouarzazat. I am learning Tashelheet, which is one of the three berber languages. My host mom and sister are really nice. My sister is 40, so I have a more sophisticated look at moroccan life. My language and cultural trainer is awesome!! We are at school from 8 to 530 with lunch and two breaks. I am constantly stuffed with bread, oil, olives, rice, and some fruits and veggies. WHen my LCF told my host sister about my diet, I could just tell she was having a hard time accepting that. I told him to tell her that I am flexible and that we can work on this together. As far as vegan acceptance goes, people have been so kind and open to it. Our cook for lunch is so great. She cooks a variety of beans in a special dish just for me and I think she talked to my sister about it too. And yesterday at a ceremony I went to, they brought out tea for me while everyone had coffee. I got henna yesterday!! Oh it is so great. OH and for the concerned family members, I HAVE t.v (a.k.a. electricity) and a cell phone that will pretty much work anywhere I am at in Morocco. Mashi mushkill (no worries!) :)) Thats all I can think of for now. Language is intense and difficult but I'm getting it pretty well and technical training and preparation for our assignments is really good too. I forsee many good things coming from this experience (ensha-alah)!!


Najart (my tashelheet name - it means secure!)

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